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  Classic British Motorcycles
The BSA 500 DBD 34  GOLD  STAR was the epitome of the great British Motorcycle.
It was well engineered with its pedigree dating back to the 1930's. In  the 50's
and 60's it had the reputation as one of the fastest bikes on the UK Cafe Racer
Scene. Today it is one of the most prized motorcycles for classic bike enthusiasts.
With its 'clip -  on' handlebars  , alloy polished tank  and bell mouthed  Amal
carburettor it really is a thing of beauty. The note from it's swept back exhaust
is very distinctive and in full flight has a tone that sounds like no other motorcycle.    

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Are a leading resource for classic bikes. they have a very busy classic bike forum and a great 'Classic Bike Image Gallery'.
Are a Leading Resource for Classic Bikes. They have classic bikes for sale, classic bike insurance  , their very own classic motorbikes wiki , a very busy classic bike forum and a great 'Classic Bike Image Gallery'

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Visit Jay Leno's Garage for a trip to Classic Motorcycle Heaven. See a great video of his
1958 DBD34 Goldstar in which he explains the history of the bike and also takes it out on
the road for a spin.
This is a great web site if you are into old cars, bikes and aircraft.The garage itself is huge
with Jay's fantastic collection of old and new machinery.There are many other great videos
that we thoroughly recommend including the Vincent Black Shadow and Jay's Mad Jet Bike
complete with a jet turbine engine from a helicopter which melts plastic bumber/fenders of
any car that get too close to the massive heat source that comes our of the rear end.
Another great video is a 7 cylinder aircraft engine motorcycle that is an engineering marvel.      

We turned this Image
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Jay Leno's
Into this